Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Planning with the Travel Agent!

A long time friend Valerie is helping me plan the travel details. We talked at some length on the phone today about different airlines and different routes and costs. As it turns out after discussing all the possibilities with Jeff, we think we will go straight to Manchester rather than London. This will be likely easier on our friends in England and on us too. The excitement is building!

Letter with Valerie - Travel Agent extraordinary!


I talked the trip thing over with Jeff... here is what we think after discussing further.

You remember how you were thinking we were going to fly in and out of Manchester both ways originally? Well, we have decided that is probably a really good plan actually, even though we hadn't thought to go that route before. We figure that it would be better for us to go to Paul and Sherilee's home first in Lytham...spend a few days getting used to the time zone changes and then go to London and France via vehicle with them and then go back to their place and each of us fly out of Manchester on the 15th and the 20th as we discussed. Too, as Jeff said, this would give us the opportunity to sight see going and coming from Lytham to London which we think would be more fun...and who knows what wonderful sights to see coming and going, plus more time with our friends...how could we lose on such a plan!

We have decided to go the Air Canada route rather than pay the extra for British Air even though we have to do customs twice (which we agree stinks) but we don't like the idea of having to go as far south as Atlanta to go to England with Delta, Jeff didn't care for that route at all. Amusingly enough he was totally jazzed about having lay over time in Toronto on the way back with Air Canada! Go figure...I told him 3 hours isn't enough time to do any thing, but he was rather jazzed about it any way...I guess he can say he was in Toronto Ontario that way!

Call me tomorrow at the office around 2-ish when you have it all worked out.

Thanks sweetie for all your help on this. Sorry to be such a pain twisting the route up again on you! Oh...I discussed the seat thing with Jeff. He is for the window seat with aisle seat next to it the aisle and then the other aisle seat. Did that make sense? It was like you suggested as I recall earlier today.

So that is the game plan, let me know how it all looks once you have it all done up! You’re the best for all your help on this.

Love, Sherilee