Sunday, February 27, 2005

Stella Mia's - Our Anniversary Dinner

Stella Mia's

For our Anniversary dinner on Saturday (celebrating Wednesday) we went to our favorite Italian food restaurant. We had a 7:30 seating and even though it was a Saturday there were not so many couples for once that the restaurant seemed more intimate than usual. I had called ahead, so we had the corner seat by the window. Jeff had a seafood spaghetti and I had the veal stuffed with prawns and done in a garlic and white wine sauce and a side of fettucine alfredo with mushrooms. We had a lovely red classico wine and dessert was cheesecake, classic for Jeff and and I tried a mocha flavored one along with a latte and Jeff had regular coffee. Although we celebrated our 25 years, we celebrated the meal nearly as much, as the food at Stella Mia's is always so heavenly you forget any other reason you might be there! Then on the way home we stopped for a few movies to watch and spent the rest of the evening in front of our television cuddled on the couch. Some might say this was hardly an evening of celebration for 25 years of marriage, but the big celebration? Well that will be in England this Summer!